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The Social Selling Cockpit

Generate noticeably more appointments via LinkedIn within 30 days through strategic relationship building.

Customer acquisition as easy as painting by numbers


  • Being pushy
  • Losing track of your inbox
  • Wasting your time pointlessly on LinkedIn

Price: 97€ - without cancellation period!

The challenge of customer acquisition on LinkedIn

Actually, you know what to do:

Network with people, act with contributions and enter into dialogue with your target group. 

The more actively you do this, the more confusing it becomes.

At the same time, you receive more and more notifications and spend hours scrolling through your feed to network and find new posts to comment on. Your inbox is also slowly overflowing.

This no longer has anything to do with efficient customer acquisition, it's a waste of time.

What you are missing

A clear, focussed process that shows you exactly what to do next!

What is the most effective NEXT step to win the next customer in a time-efficient manner? WITHOUT being annoying or intrusive.

There are several ways to set up this process for you:


You test for yourself until you finally get it!


You buy a social selling coaching programme


You use the Social Selling Cockpit

What is the Social Selling Cockpit?

The Social Selling Cockpit (SSC) is a software for LinkedIn that supports you in your customer acquisition. 

Through the Social Selling Cockpit:

How does the Social Selling Cockpit help you?

Categorise your contacts so that you always have an overview of which contact is new, with whom you have already established a relationship and who has even had an appointment with you.

Pre-prepared messages customised to you and your values for each category. This allows you to send the right message to your contact in a time-efficient way to build a real, lasting relationship. 

How social selling works on LinkedIn


You will be able to Offer visible.


You interact with your target group and build a relationship.


People trust you and are happy to buy your service.

And the Social Selling Cockpit navigates you through the process

The challenge on LinkedIn is to maintain an overview and to work in a focussed and targeted manner.

There are too many distractions. The feed. Constant new notifications or messages.

This turns LinkedIn into an inefficient time waster.

And this is where the Social Selling Cockpit comes into play.

The SSC always shows you exactly the next step, without distraction, so that your customer acquisition is no longer left to chance and you get reproducible results. 

And all of this on the basis of the Digital Sun's +1,500 customers tested social selling strategies. 

If you do that 60-90 minutes a dayto get the most out of your customer acquisition.

What our customers say about the SSC

"In my more than 6 years of experience as a high-performance coach, I have realised that solid systems are the key to success. The Social Selling Cockpit (SSC) has impressively proven just that. When it comes to being successful and making money on LinkedIn, you need two things: Firstly, a deep understanding of your target customers' problems and the ability to write compelling messages. And secondly, a clear, efficient process. The SSC bundles this entire process into one tool, including CRM. The sales pipeline fills up almost automatically if you set everything up correctly. The SSC is perfect for anyone who is active on LinkedIn and knows their target group. You can also optimally hand over your sales process to assistants or a team. The SSC has completely changed my perspective on LinkedIn and customer acquisition. I highly recommend it to any self-employed person or entrepreneur looking for a time-saving and cost-efficient solution. It's a real game changer for your business."

Oliver Hülser High-Performance Coach
"Time AND money"

"The Social Selling Cockpit (SSC) adds a playful touch to the whole social selling process. This process can often be boring, repetitive and frustrating if you are constantly receiving uninspired messages from people. However, the SSC team has managed to turn it into a fun adventure. You're constantly learning new things and feel like you're progressing to the next level with every journey you take with it. I am really happy to be using this wonderful tool and look forward to all the new features to come. The SSC has revolutionised my approach to social selling and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and effective solution."

Thomas Weidlich BlueOcean Business Club

Further benefits from the SSC

Of course, it also has many other features such as:

More clarity
Simple overview
Less time investment
Networking with your desired customers
Overview of all potential customers
Focus mode: never be distracted again
Validated customer acquisition strategies
AI & expert-tested news templates
Personal AVA (Advanced Virtual Assistant)
Step by step instructions
Your personal dashboard & CRM
Maximum efficiency with regular use

Why the SSC is different


No! There is no minimum contract term for the Social Selling Cockpit. We bill your subscription for the SSC on a monthly basis. You can therefore cancel your subscription at any time at the end of the month. 

With the Digital Sun, we have already made over 1500 people more successful on LinkedIn. 

We realised that if you want to successfully acquire customers on LinkedIn, you have to take a strategic approach.

Technological progress and especially AI allow us to systematise social selling on LinkedIn, and we wanted to develop the best tool for our customers for human relationship building, sales and ultimately customer acquisition.

There are work steps and processes that are much more effective than others. And we want to focus on these.

After almost 1.5 years of development, the Social Selling Cockpit is now ready for use. Although we are still in the beta phase, it is already a great support for your customer acquisition on LinkedIn. 

The SSC guides you. It takes you by the hand. It only ever shows you the really necessary next step to your success on LinkedIn, without confusing or distracting you. Whether it's sending a specific message to a potential customer, networking with the right target group or writing a strategic comment in the right post. The SSC gives you exactly the one task that is important for you or your assistant right now in order to win customers as effectively as possible.

Absolute focus on social selling without distracting you.

No, because that's exactly what the Social Selling Cockpit is all about. A cockpit for all your social selling tasks on LinkedIn

Everything is taken over cleanly and clearly by the Social Selling Cockpit

We recommend LinkedIn Premium as it offers valuable insights. However, it is not absolutely necessary to use the Social Selling Cockpit successfully.

LinkedIn offers a public API (Application Programming Interface) for data exchange.
At the same time, LinkedIn prohibits the use of third-party software.

In practice, we have tested various tools for years without any serious consequences.

LinkedIn can only restrict access in the event of excessive and rapid activity. (Bots)

The Social Selling Cockpit places the absolute focus on avoiding such restrictions.

No, the Social Selling Cockpit is not a bot. We show you exactly what you can do to win customers and help you to reduce unnecessary tasks.

If you focus your LinkedIn activities on the essentials and never lose sight of your priorities, you can spend 60 minutes a day on customer acquisition.


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